The summer read

BERNIE-WAXMAN-SOON-june-2-2016Not one, but two more of my manuscripts were accepted by my publisher this week. Since they will be out in 2017, there is nothing left but to continue writing! It’s a long process. Above all, apart from the ability to write well, a writer needs perseverance and patience.

I’m getting great feedback from those who have read Bernie Waxman & the Whistling Kettle and the next few weeks and months will be an exciting time. Many people have told me they will be reading it on some warm beach during the summer. If you haven’t already, take a look at chapter one on my website.

WordSpring in Mirimachi

Enjoyed a wonderful gathering of writers in the New Brunswick town of Mirimachi this weekend. Wonderful workshops, excellent readings and terrific connections. I even got to read an excerpt from “Bernie Waxman & the Whistling Kettle” and announced that, not only is the novel to be launched as an e-book June 2nd, but that it will be in print form in September.



Bernie Waxman is coming!

My new novel, Bernie Waxman & the Whistling Kettle is due for publication on June 2nd as an e-book. Published by a great e-book publisher, MuseItUp, you can get the book in any format for your needs. “Bernie” has already been short-listed for the Atlantic Writing Awards, with great reviews from the judges.
Right now, you can pre-order the book for an excellent discount. You only pay $2.99! I’m convinced that when you’ve read it, you will want to recommend it to all your friends. Very excited to watch and hear the responses from readers over the next few months.