Peek at the cover

Secrets book cover by Zev BagelHere is a peek at the cover design for my latest novel – Secrets, due for release as an e-book April 11th. It’s a psychological thriller, and here’s the blurb:
Not long after a mystery man arrives in a small coastal town in New Brunswick and begins a new career as a life coach, people start to disappear, get blackmailed, die in unusual circumstances and are kidnapped.
Who is he, this charming, helpful man? What secrets does he carry with him? What drives him? And who is going to stop him?

Meanwhile, Bernie Waxman & the Whistling Kettle continues to get great reviews from readers. My next reading (and official launch of the print edition) will be at The Attic Owl on Wednesday April 12th – at Café C’est la Vie on Main Street in Moncton.