Honey’s Comet

For Harriet, March 2012

It flashed across the sky,
a shimmering light travelling from west to east.
First we saw it as a distant star
making its way towards us in an arc
of intense brilliance, growing larger,
brighter, bolder. Some fled,
hiding in their cellars, waiting for their doom.
Others peered, fascinated, transfixed,
watching the light amid the gloom
of clouds that, edged with white,
shrank back, becoming wisps
of memory turned now to open skies.
We wondered, gazing as it streaked its perfect flight
not wavering to left or right,
its path defined yet not of ours,
what was this thing.
Comet, UFO, something new? A spark of hope
for me, and you?
Passing overhead, it lit the earth, its fiery
glow and flaming trail shining
on our upturned heads. Some ran
towards it, arms raised high, hoping to
catch the shower as it passed. Some saw
the pieces fall and with a practiced eye
and steadiness of hand, caught
fragments for themselves.
A few did more.
We chased the shooting star,
touched edges of its beam,
until, too slow, we let it
take its course, shielding our eyes as
it sped by, holding in our hands
the knowledge of an everlasting light, sent
to bring us each a piece
of who we are.

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